English for Kids

I chose Primavera English because they are native speakers and they explain everything very clearly. I enjoyed the games at the end of the classes; they helped me to relax and practice the English I was learning. In addition, Primavera English has a small farm and we sometimes visited the goats and chickens. I even tried to milk the goat (without success)! My favorite part was making waffles on my birthday. I recommend Primavera English to everyone!

English classes testimonial Heitor dos Santos, 14
Heitor dos Santos, 14

“My children have been going to Primavera English for two years. At first it was simply to complement their English classes at school, but they have progressed more quickly, maybe because the teachers are native speakers and the children feel more comfortable and therefore try harder to talk like their teachers. Nowadays, it’s normal for them to watch a TV series or a movie in English; they understand everything and also it’s very noticeable that they can speak much more fluently now. To those who ask, I always recommend Primavera English!”

English classes testimonial Julieta Gastón
Julieta Gastón

“The best thing about Primavera English is the excellent level the classes have. It’s fun to learn and play with my teachers. I love it. They are like my family.”

English classes testimonial Bruno, aged 10
Bruno, aged 10

English for Teens

I chose Primavera English because I was looking for an environment where I could learn and have fun at the same time. Also, the teachers were more like friends and mentors rather than strict and boring teachers. Another reason why I love Primavera English is that they prepare classes for individual level and different ways to learn English. They prepare fun activities such as baking and board games to learn English in real life conversations. All my fluency of English is a trophy I earned in Primavera English. It will be a life changing experience to learn English in this healthy, entertaining environment.

English classes testimonial Kaon Cho
Kaon Cho

I started going to Primavera English because my school recommended them to me so I could improve my English skills. My favorite memory is of my teacher making iced coffee for me, which she knew I loved. Then she would have me describe the flavors to practice speaking.🙂 Primavera English helped me a lot throughout highschool and I’ll always be thankful for that. Thanks to them, I now have the amazing opportunity to work as an interpreter and I'm able to hold entire conversations in English, with native speakers.

English classes testimonial Sara Hernández
Sara Hernández

Primavera English has been a very valuable partner with Asunción Christian Academy for many years, and in mainly two ways:

  1. Primavera teachers have worked to tutor our students in a variety of content areas in the English language.
  2. Primavera teachers have worked to prepare students to enter Asunción Christian Academy by raising their English proficiency level.

We hope Primavera will continue to be a partner long into the future.

English classes testimonial Marvin W. Retzer
Marvin W. Retzer
General Director, Asunción Christian Academy

“What I like about Primavera English is that the teachers always try to get the best out of us. They challenge us so we can learn in a fun and interesting way. In the classes, we play, we read, we write essays, we practice our grammar, and we also have fun with our teachers. I love the classes and enjoy having them.”

English classes testimonial Silke, age 14
Silke, age 14

English for Adults

From the moment you step inside Primavera English, you feel at home. This environment allows you to concentrate and learn well. In addition, the teachers are very flexible with their schedules, so if you have a problem with class times, you can communicate with them about it.  They use a wide variety of materials, which makes the classes interesting. Thanks to these classes, I’m unlearning a lot of ingrained errors in my English. Since the first day of class, I have felt very motivated to learn, and I even bought a book to read, in English (for the first time ever!)

English classes testimonial Cecilia Aguero
Cecilia Aguero

“Primavera English is a good place for me to study because they offer classes at a good price and they are native speakers. I work in a multinational company and all the time I have to watch presentations, read reports, speak with foreigners and sometimes write emails, all in English. For me, it’s important to study English through subjects relating to my work, such as business videos or articles, as well as discussing other topics including history, human behavior and culture. At Primavera English, you can do all of these things. The classes are always fun and interesting!”

English classes testimonial Eduardo Melo
Eduardo Melo
Sales Manager, Bosch Paraguay

“I chose Primavera English because it offers private classes and it’s close to my house. I appreciate the teacher’s patience and teaching style. We always practice the grammar I learn by using it to talk about pictures and real-life situations.”

English classes testimonial Eliane Cesar
Eliane Cesar

TOEFL Prep Classes

Studying for the TOEFL at Primavera English has been an incredibly positive experience for me. The institute's dedicated focus on preparing students for this challenging exam has made all the difference in my journey towards achieving my desired score.
The TOEFL instructors at Primavera English are exceptional. They are not only highly knowledgeable about the exam format and requirements but also possess a deep understanding of the English language itself. Their expertise and clear explanation of test strategies, along with extensive practice exercises, have greatly improved my skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Moreover, the supportive and motivating environment at Primavera English played a significant role in boosting my confidence. The instructors and staff were always approachable and willing to address any concerns I had.
Thanks to Primavera English, I feel well-prepared and confident as I approach my TOEFL exam. I highly recommend their TOEFL preparation program to anyone looking to excel in the exam.

English classes testimonial Fernanda Torres
Fernanda Torres

“I decided to study in Primavera English because it seemed like a reputable institution and I had heard good references. I appreciated the personalized attention and the way time was adequately distributed to study all sections of the test. In addition, the teacher was always optimistic and her motivation helped me gain self-confidence. I loved that she took time to correct my vocabulary and homework; she was always interested in my progress. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and the welcoming environment! My goal was to obtain a certain score, which I was able to do.”

English classes testimonial Annika Siemens
Annika Siemens

“I needed to take the TOEFL exam in less than seven weeks and a friend recommended studying at Primavera English because they would help me reach my goal. He was right. What I liked the most was that at Primavera, they have a formal relationship with the students and they make it really clear that you’re going there to achieve a goal and there is no time to waste. I studied with Jeanette, a marvelous teacher who helps you keep track of your progress and pushes you to accomplish your goals. She gave homework, including many essays, which helped me to significantly improve my English very fast. If you have to study for an English test or simply want to enhance your English skills, I strongly believe that Primavera is the right place to do it.”

English classes testimonial Juan José Ortellado
Juan José Ortellado

“I studied at Primavera to prepare for the TOEFL test. They had private one-on-one class, which was exactly what I wanted. My goal was to improve my speaking and writing skills. The tutors were very attentive and provided me with lots of study materials. After four months at Primavera English, I finally got a great score. Thank you so much!”

English classes testimonial Saetbeoul Ha
Saetbeoul Ha

SAT Prep Classes

“When I decided to take the SAT exam, I was looking for some personalized help because I knew that my English and math skills were inadequate. Fortunately, my mother did some research and found out about Primavera English. I can’t imagine having passed the exam without the enormous help of the teachers there; their classes were so professional and thorough. What I liked the most about having studied there was the personal training that the teachers gave me and how they in some way made the classes interesting for me. Thanks to that, I was able to improve in specific areas that I probably would not have been able to do in a group class. The preparation took me seven months and when I took the SAT, I got a higher than average score.”

English classes testimonial Ruth Martinez
Ruth Martinez