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Primavera English provides personalized language learning experiences to committed students of all ages in a welcoming and motivating environment, helping them to feel empowered and achieve visible progress.

Our Values


  • Quality
  • Welcoming
  • Inspiring
Primavera English Values
Primavera English Values Learning

The Learning Process

  • All native speaking teachers
  • Personalized courses
  • Optimal learning environment
  • Multisensory language exposure


  • Increased confidence
  • Access to opportunities
  • Goals achieved
  • Learning English is fun!
Primavera English Values - Results

Secret ingredient “The Brownie Factor.”
Learning English is fun!

Our History

Primavera English began in 2011 in Asunción, Paraguay. We realized we had the resources to provide a rich English language learning opportunity not previously available in Asunción.

Over the past ten years, we have developed our own curriculum, using a wide variety of ESL and American teaching materials. We have offered personalized courses to a cross-section of students; children, teenagers, and adults.

primavera english teaching in asuncion experience

Our experience includes:

  • Tutoring for elementary, middle and high school students
  • English reinforcement for children looking to enroll in bilingual schools
  • Personalized and group courses for teenagers and adults preparing for international exams (SAT, TOEFL & IELTS)
  • Group classes for business professionals

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we now offer virtual classes, so you can study with us wherever you are!

Our Team

Emily Thomson

I’m Emily, and I’m the director of Primavera English. Besides teaching English, I love art and creative projects. My other hobbies include growing cacti and horse riding.

Hanna Cavanna

Hi, my name is Hanna. I love teaching English and I have been a teacher for 25 years. My interests include plants, animals and all things outdoors.

shana goodwin english teacher in asuncion
Shana Goodwin
English Teacher

Hello, I’m Shana. I enjoy teaching English, and also manage our blog and social media channels. Outside of work, I love spending time exploring Asunción with my husband and son.

michelle cavanna profesora de ingles en asuncion
Michelle Cavanna
English Teacher

I’m Michelle and I love teaching English to kids. Currently, I’m in my last year of studying to be an elementary teacher. Exploring the great outdoors and growing orchids are some of my hobbies.

Jeanette Bazeley
English Teacher

Hi, I’m Jeanette and I’ve been living in Paraguay and teaching ESL for 10 years. Besides teaching English, I enjoy bike riding, playing piano and guitar, and spending time with friends.

everett button english professor in asuncion
Everett Button
English Teacher

Hello, I’m Everett, and I teach English and math. I’m interested in math and science, and in my free time I like playing sports and reading books.


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