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"The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare." —Bobby Knight

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The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) tests your language abilities in the four main areas: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. A strong grasp of the English language and familiarity with the test are necessary to achieve the score you need. At Primavera English, we are committed to helping you.

Our courses include:

  • College-level language enrichment
  • Focused speaking practice based on test prompts
  • Timed exercises to improve speed and fluency
  • Essay writing
  • Note-taking
  • Summarizing/paraphrasing

“I decided to study in Primavera English because it seemed like a reputable institution and I had heard good references. I appreciated the personalized attention and the way time was adequately distributed to study all sections of the test. In addition, the teacher was always optimistic and her motivation helped me gain self-confidence. I loved that she took time to correct my vocabulary and homework; she was always interested in my progress. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and the welcoming environment! My goal was to obtain a certain score, which I was able to do.”

English classes testimonial Annika Siemens
Annika Siemens

“I needed to take the TOEFL exam in less than seven weeks and a friend recommended studying at Primavera English because they would help me reach my goal. He was right. What I liked the most was that at Primavera, they have a formal relationship with the students and they make it really clear that you’re going there to achieve a goal and there is no time to waste. I studied with Jeanette, a marvelous teacher who helps you keep track of your progress and pushes you to accomplish your goals. She gave homework, including many essays, which helped me to significantly improve my English very fast. If you have to study for an English test or simply want to enhance your English skills, I strongly believe that Primavera is the right place to do it.”

English classes testimonial Juan José Ortellado
Juan José Ortellado

“I studied at Primavera to prepare for the TOEFL test. They had private one-on-one class, which was exactly what I wanted. My goal was to improve my speaking and writing skills. The tutors were very attentive and provided me with lots of study materials. After four months at Primavera English, I finally got a great score. Thank you so much!”

English classes testimonial Saetbeoul Ha
Saetbeoul Ha

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