A Cycling Adventure

Hanna Cavanna, January 4, 2022

Today I want to tell you about a project I am very excited about. Yesterday my son Denton and husband, Reuben, set off with another father-son duo on a bike expedition from Asunción, Paraguay, to the Atlantic coast at Curitiba, Brazil, a journey of one thousand kilometers. Besides being an amazing adventure, the trip is a fundraiser for the PROED-SERVOME school in Bella Vista, Asuncion.

The bikers left from Parque Ñu Guazu yesterday morning and reached Coronel Oviedo last night. They are carrying sleeping bags and tents and will camp along the way, as it is hard to plan exactly how far one will make it in a day; things come up: bad weather, flat tires, incredible hills, you name it. If you enjoy an exciting ride, follow them on Instagram, or better, support their fundraising efforts at GoFundme! Over the next few days I will attempt to encapsulate each day of their trip with an English vocabulary word and short story. Hang on for the ride!

Day 1: Exhilarated. Intense positive emotion, elation, and excitement.

After months of scheming, planning and organizing, the cycling team pulled out of Parque Ñu Guazu with a feeling of exhilaration that they were finally on the road.

boy on a bike: illustrating word exhilarated
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Day 2: Slog. To exert oneself with intense effort, grind. (Can also be used as a noun.)

Although the cyclists passed through some beautiful countryside, day 2 was something of a slog due to the intense humidity and intermittent downpours. However, the day ended under clearer skies.

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Day 3: Stamina. The ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. After three days on the road bursts of energy or enthusiasm are not enough. To be sure of continued success, the cyclists need mental and physical stamina to keep pedaling as a cohesive team. Enjoy the rolling hills of Brazil!

Boys on bikes on a hill, illustrating the definition of stamina.

Day 4: Dilemma. A difficult situation requiring a decision between various options; a predicament or puzzle.

On a long trek, situations always arise: Broken bike…should we continue, or stop for repairs? Fatigue in one of the participants…should we take the bus, or continue? However, a good team will always find a solution to such dilemmas.

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Day 5: Perseverance. Continued effort to achieve a goal in spite of obstacles or setbacks; tenacity, determination.

Perseverance is required to continue cycling day after day, especially when the trajectory is all uphill. (Note the altitude change between Asuncion and Curitiba!)

image of bikers on a hill, illustrating English vocab word "perseverance"

Day 6: Magnificent. Splendid, breathtakingly spectacular.

On the sixth day the cyclists camped in a beautiful campsite near Guarapuava. The mountains and waterfalls were magnificent.

Mountains in Brazil, illustrating new vocab word, Magnificent

Day 7: High hopes. Anticipation, expectations.

The team traveled the farthest distance in one day with high hopes that they could reach their destination on the following day.

Image shows 4 bikers, illustrating new vocab "high hopes"

Day 8: Triumph. Grand accomplishment, success, achievement.

Although exhausted, the four cyclists pedaled into Curitiba with a sense of triumph.

Image shows happy bikers at their destination, illustrating vocab word "triumph"

Postscript: Reward. Prize, benefit, earnings, or recompense.

The cyclists completed the last lap down an ancient stone road all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. After crossing on a ferry to the island Ilha do Mel, they were rewarded with a day at the beach. Tomorrow they start the homeward leg by bus. Hope you have enjoyed this adventure, and stay tuned for further expeditions!

Ilha do Mel, an island in the Atlantic that the bikers visited as a reward for completing their long journey.