Star Gazing to Splatter Paint

Ana Meier, January 10, 2023

The vocab for the last week had been astronomy, gaze, universe, telescope, reflect among others.  Time to move on but one more class of review was needed, the final tap of the hammer on the nail.  All weekend long my brain weaved in and out of various topics concerning life and the general upheaval of the world but somehow, it always returned again and again to this specific class;  how can I make these words interesting so ten-year-old Felix remembers them?  Monday morning arrived and as I set off for an early morning jog, the idea came; splatter paint!  We could create a universe, name the stars and constellations, and create stories that would coincide with the mini constellations we created on our paper. 

full width content image blue paper

Felix was in his element spraying white paint all over the dark blue paper of our universe, the only problem being that the paper was too small.  We had a delightful time covering the paper with small and big stars. Then, like the ancient peoples of the world, we created images and stories out of the different shapes we found.  The final story telling notes for The Rabbit ran as follows: 

full width content image 2 2 5