Learning from the Ancients

Emily Thomson, April 28, 2021

As part of our European geography unit, my class and I delved into the mythical world of Greek gods and goddesses. We read stories about Pandora and her box of evils, King Midas’s pet Minotaur, and how the gods made the seasons. We decided to make posters about two Greek goddesses, so while the students drew poster illustrations, I read them the stories of Icarus and of Persephone.

English student creates a poster about Greek goddess to learn new English vocabulary.

When the posters were finished, we hung them up in our classroom, and my students did a short speaking presentation, telling the stories of the goddesses they had chosen. The ancient Greek myths are still remembered and told today because they contain important lessons about (among other things) the virtues of honesty and obedience and the pitfalls of curiosity, vanity, and greed. Along with a lot of new vocabulary, my students gained wisdom from the myths of the ancient Greek gods!